Welcome to Al Noor School’s grade 9, 10 and 11 weekly blog post page! This is where Sr. Ibtisam and Sr. Fariha will be posting the daily class slides. Along with the weekly blog prompt, under each class grade, you’ll find daily class homework and any links related to the class lesson.

Check out the class syllabus for grade 9 & 10 and grade 11.

Rules and guidelines for class blog posts: 

Each student will contribute to the weekly class blog, posting an approximately 250-300 word response to the week’s readings. There are a number of ways to approach these open-ended posts: consider the reading in relation to its historical or theoretical context; write about an aspect of the day’s reading that you don’t understand, or something that jars you; formulate an insightful question or two about the reading and then attempt to answer your own questions; or respond to another student’s post, building upon it, disagreeing with it, or re-thinking it. In any case, strive for thoughtfulness and nuance. To ensure that everyone has a chance to read the blog before class, post your response by midnight the evening before class.