10G Announcements 3/15

The following assignment is a take-home exam on Macbeth‘s play
Act 1 scene 1-7. There are seven questions and each response should be at least a paragraph supported by valid textual evidence. It should be typed (12 pt font, double-spaced, Times New Roman) and emailed to me by Friday 3/23 midnight. Please title your google doc (no pdf files) as your name and Macbeth Act 1. I’ll provide a hardcopy of the questions next week.


Insh’Allah we’ll finish scenes 6 and 7 of Act 1 on Monday. Because several people were out due to MIST and other activities, there will be a group work assignment where each group will present a scene. It will serve as a good review for this take-home exam. Those of you that were not in class this week, make sure you read all of Act I by Tuesday.

  1. In the very first scene of a play, a dramatist must tell the audience what kind of play they are about to see. What does the brief opening scene of Macbeth reveal about the rest of the play? How does the weather reflect the human passions/characteristics revealed in the rest of the act?
  2. How does the witches’ prophecy of Macbeth’s coming greatness act as a temptation for him?
  3. Explain the paradox, or the apparently contradictory nature, of the witches’ greeting to Banquo in Scene 3: “Lesser than Macbeth, and greater.” How is this paradox true?
  4. How does Banquo’s reaction to the witches differ from Macbeth’s? What do you think Macbeth’s reaction suggests about his character?
  5. One of the most interesting parts of any serious play is what goes on in the character’ minds. What conflict rages in Macbeth after he hears the witches’ prophecy? What resolution to this conflict does Macbeth express in his aside, in Scene 4, lines 48-53?
  6. Describe the temperamental differences between Macbeth and his wife. Who is more single-minded and logical? Who is more argumentative and sensitive? Which one wins the argument?
  7. What irony would the audience feel as they watch Duncan enter the castle and hear him praise its peacefulness?

Last but not least, there have been several issues with plagiarism in the past from both classes. As I’m covering a majority of the questions above in class, there should be no reason for copying and pasting from online.  Failure to produce original work will result in 0.

If you have questions, email me at fariha.chowdhury@alnoornyc.org. Enjoy your weekend!


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