Annotated Bibliography (11th Grade)

Here is the link to the Annotated Bib. Just in case you missed the lesson, or you need to refresh your memory.


  • Must provide a citation for at least 4 sources (total of 4 citations).
  • Each annotation must include all three paragraphs: summary, evaluation, applicability (3 paragraphs per citation).
  • Each paragraph must at least be 2-3 sentences. (enough to convey your ideas through writing)
  • Scoring: This is out of 40, and will be included as a test grade. (2.5 points for each citation, 2.5 points for each paragraph.
  • The bibliography will be graded using this rubric.


  • P.S. if you do not have a topic at this point you need to start panicking because we have been working on this for at least 3 weeks now. No excuses.
  • Remember your topic should be similar to the argumentative essays we have looked at where there can be a pro and con argument.

Emailed by midnight on Monday!

Any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to shoot me an email! 


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