10G Announcements and Reminders

Firstly, some of you are emailing me regarding the Anthem project. I’ve given only two people permission to create a blog. As I’ve not discussed the specifics for what it would entail to make one (which would require a lot of creative writing content that goes beyond simply summarizing the basic concepts of the novella), please don’t attempt to do so. Stick to the original prompt and create a social media profile! If you’re good at art, draw out the images. If not, print out images from online. The more effort you showcase, the higher your grade will be. It’s a fairly easy assignment, stop making it harder for yourself. Here’s the rubric.

Also, we’ll resume the weekly vocab quizzes starting this Friday.

Lastly, you should receive a grade for your previous essay by tomorrow if you haven’t already. I’ve not had access to a computer for the last few days, so I apologize for taking this long. Many of you have not done so well on this paper and should take note of my comments and edits before submitting the next essay.

Hope you’re enjoying the rest of your break!


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