10G 12/16

  1. Quiz: your quiz on Monday will be comprised of mostly short response questions about background information on the author/Anthem (key terms such as conformity, collectivism, individualism…etc), and chapter 1-5 of Anthem. You can access the lesson slides here: Ayn Rand background info., chapter one, chapter two, chapter three and four, chapter five and six, chapter seven and eight, chapter nine and ten.
  2. Project Assignment: Create a social media profile (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…etc) for either Equality, Liberty or The World Council. You have to include images, tweets, well thought out posts/captions, hashtags, usernames, comments… (you get the idea) that reflect your creativity and understanding of the characters as well the world of Anthem. Put yourself in the shoes of these characters and imagine their day to day lives. If this society had access to our modern day social networking, what would they say?
    EDIT: This project must be on a poster board. I’ll try to update this post with a rubric so you’d have an idea of how you’ll be graded. This assignment is due on Friday 12/22 NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  3. Class Discussion: We’ll have another Socratic Seminar on Tuesday on the topic of collectivism vs. individualism. You’ll be using the novella Anthem and this article (which I’ll give you a copy of on Monday) to discuss the pros and cons of living in both collectivist and individualistic society. It is crucial that you take notes and participate during the discussion because we’ll be writing an in-class argumentative essay about this to wrap up the unit.
  4. Extra Credit: Create a movie trailer for Anthem. Click here for the rubric. Due: Jan 2, 2018.

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