10B Homework 11/15/17

Read pages 135–136 (from “Two or three months had gone by” to “I had to learn how to play it” and box any unfamiliar words and look up their definitions. Choose the definition that makes the most sense in the context, and write a brief definition above or near the word in the text.

Additionally, respond briefly in writing to two focus prompts:

According to Jing-mei’s mother, why is Jing-mei “[n]ot the best” (p. 136)? What might this suggest about the traits that Jing-mei’s mother values? 

What values does Jing-mei express in her defense of the girl on The Ed Sullivan Show? How do these values compare to those of Jing-mei’s mother? 

You are to reply to this post as a comment, which will serve as a homework grade.

P.s. Copying other students work will result in a 0. 

Sr. Ibtisam


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