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-Sr. Ibtisam

10b Break Assignment


Your task over the break:

  • Project Assignment: Create a social media profile (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…etc) for either Equality, Liberty or The World Council. You have to include images, tweets, well thought out posts/captions, hashtags, usernames, comments… (you get the idea) that reflect your creativity and understanding of the characters as well the world of Anthem. Put yourself in the shoes of these characters and imagine their day to day lives. If this society had access to our modern day social networking, what would they say? This project must be on a poster board.
  • Click here for the rubric of the assignment.

Any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to shoot me an email! 

10G Announcemnts

As you’ll need another class period to finish up the group project, I’m moving the presentation date to Tuesday. The deadline for the take-home exam will also be due on Tuesday 3/27 at midnight, however, you should begin answering the questions over the weekend. This is the rubric I’ll be using for the group presentations. It’ll be counted as a quiz.

Also, I’d like to give out the writing portion of the final on Wednesday or Thursday during the 7th and 8th period. I’ll ask in class which day would work better.

Have a great weekend!